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Here we share what is happening at our boutique jewellery store in Nundah,  interesting updates in our industry, and tips & tricks for looking after your jewellery.  Check out some of our recent posts below!

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes in our on-site workshop - where our master jeweller ryan was setting a new cushion cut halo for stock.
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You want your wedding band to last forever, so Clayfield Jewellery have put together our top 5 things to consider to make sure you choose a design for life.
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The only "jewel" created by an animal, pearls are fascinating singular objects.
In this post we aim to demystify some of the key information about pearls, to help you make an informed purchase.
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Our guide to the pros and cons of common diamond shapes, to help you when considering purchasing a new diamond piece - or when making the important decision of diamond shape for your cusom design piece.
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We're excited to share our lastest piece of technology - our ProJet 1200 3D printer!
Custom designs are now less stressful, because we can print out a 3D wax model of your design for you to see before we go ahead with creating your custom piece.
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Like an engagement ring, a wedding band is a piece you want to last forever - so making an informed choice is important! These are out top tips  to consider when choosing a wedding band that's right for you, with some slight differences to consider for men and women.
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The four C's and our top tips for buying Diamonds - lets take the guess work out of a special purchase!
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There are several reasons why you may want to have one of your rings resized. Whatever the reason may be, there are a few factors to consider before you go ahead; different methods and times when it is not recommended to resize your piece.  

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A stacker ring is quite basically as it sounds - it’s a ring that is able to be stacked on top of another ring or several. Generally they’re plain gold/silver thin bands, however plain bands with stones can also be stacked. It’s really up to you! While her words are usually ones to live by, forget what Coco Chanel said about removing 1 thing before you walk out of the house - this is all about adding accessories to your outfit!  
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Fine jewellery is making waves around the world, seen on the runway in fashion capitals Paris, New York, London and Milan recently. Costume jewellery was last year, and Fine jewellery is this year. Fine jewellery differs from costume in the fact that is it a lot more delicate and made from precious metals, gemstones, natural pearls and diamonds.

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