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Who said girls should be allowed to have all the fun? Men are now enjoying the chance to get in on the action when it comes to gorgeous engagement rings. It’s becoming more and more popular for women and men to cherish and celebrate their engagement by exchanging two engagement rings.

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There are two things every woman wants from a wedding proposal: for the proposal to be a surprise and for the engagement ring to be the ring of her dreams. This can make the task of choosing a ring a little tricky for the partners. Make the job easier on them by dropping some tactful engagement ring hints.  

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Before you head over to your local jeweller to pick out a piece for that special someone, you might want to first decide whether your gift is going to be read as love, lust or devotion.

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There is a long tradition of giving certain gifts for different anniversaries. From silver and gold to platinum and pearl, a different type of gift is given depending on how many years the couple have been married.

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