Self expression has become an important part of life for many people. In the age of ‘Unique’, custom engagement rings are reigning supreme.

A custom engagement ring is a stunningly touching way to show your partner that you know them, their tastes, and their preferences. Perhaps you have a treasured memory you want woven into the design? Or you don’t a stereotypically feminine engagement ring? (Something along the lines of a man-gagement ring?) Or perhaps your significant other just deserves something never-seen-before? Whatever the reason, nothing says “You’re the one!” like a stunning, custom engagement ring.

The custom nature of Clayfield Jewellery’s engagement rings encompasses more than just aesthetic. From materials through to maintenance and durability our designers can create something as unique as your special someone.

More and more frequently people are searching for a ring that can withstand harsher than average conditions. For someone who works with their hands, tungsten rings have become the ‘Go-To’ metal. Tungsten rings also require much less maintenance than traditional materials. Unlike Titanium, which will develop a blue patina over time, or sterling silver, which tarnishes, Tungsten will not discolour, rust, or tarnish.

Similarly, for many people, sourcing conflict-free diamonds or sustainably mined metals is an important personal choice. Our experienced jewellers are able to assist you in sourcing non-conflict diamonds, lab grown diamonds, or alternative stones.

One lament some clients may have when thinking about a custom ring, is the loss of family history. Luckily, Clayfield Jewellery come to the rescue once again! Consider getting that family heirloom refashioned. A simple resizing through to a complete redesign using the original ring – our experienced team is able to assist you.

Your dizziest daydreams can be brought to life in our workshop, thanks to our in-house 3D printer/scanner. You can see, touch, and inspect your custom ring before our jewellers begin creation. Perfect for ensuring you get the ring of your dreams right the first time!

Best of all, your custom engagement ring can be made to your budget. A proposal can be a life-changing moment. And the ring is a precious symbol of your commitment. However, your beloved token shouldn’t come with crushing debt. Starting with your budget at the beginning of the planning process can make the design of your custom engagement ring exciting, not terrifying.

If a custom ring is not the right option for you right now, don’t fret! Clayfield Jewellery’s phenomenal customer services extends to every customer from the moment they walk in the door. Whether you know exactly what you want, or have no clue, our master jewellers will be able to help you.

Visit us today or contact our friendly team to book a consultation time!