There’s nothing quite like a diamond – after all, they are a girl’s best friend. Whether you’re choosing the perfect engagement ring or getting something made to commemorate a special moment, diamonds exude class and elegance like no other jewel.

However, have you ever considered a coloured diamond? With a divine, sunshine-like sparkle, yellow diamonds are becoming an increasingly popular and stylish choice of rock.

Difference in Diamonds

The majority of high quality yellow diamonds are found in the Ellendale mine, in Western Australia’s Kimberley region. Often referred to as a canary diamond, the stone is infused with nitrogen, which gives it its superb honey-coloured hue.  

They come in different grades according to the depth of colour. These range from fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, and the brightest and most valuable of all, fancy vivid.

Who’s Wearing Yellow Diamonds

Ever since Kate Hudson stunned audiences in a yellow diamond necklace in the film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, a number of celebrities have been seen flaunting canary diamonds.

Kelly Clarkson’s engagement ring is a stunning 5-carat yellow diamond surrounded by a white diamond halo, all set in platinum and designed by Jonathon Arndt. Jennifer-Lopez received an 8-carat canary diamond ring following the birth of her twins, while Jessica Alba adorned her ears with dazzling canary and white diamond hoop earrings at the Academy Awards in 2008.

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