Shopping for a wedding dress can be an overwhelming task, but not impossible. Whether you’re looking for the latest wedding dress trends, or are after something classic, here are five tips to help you find the perfect dress.

1. Location

Knowing the location and time of your wedding ceremony will help narrow down suitable dresses. If you’re planning a midday beach ceremony, a ball gown with a long train won’t be fitting. Similarly, if it’s a formal cathedral wedding, a cocktail-style wedding dress will look out of place. Different wedding dress fabrics may be uncomfortable in hot or cold weather – always consider your wedding location and time of day before picking a dress.    

2. Know Your Budget

Work out your maximum budget and let the sales assistant know before your fitting. This will avoid you falling in love with a dress you can’t afford. Keep in mind additional costs such as accessories, alterations and shipping fees.

3. Do Your Research

Wedding dress jargon can be like another language! Do you research so you know your brocade from your batiste and other fabric types, and know what the designer is talking about when referring to different necklines, silhouettes, sleeves, trains and detailing.

4. Give Yourself Time

Aim to find your dress at least six to nine months before your wedding to allow time for manufacturing the dress and alterations. While some shops can fast track orders, there’s usually a costly fee for this.

5. Keep an Open Mind

Remember never to judge a dress by the way it looks hanging up. Be open-minded and try on styles that you wouldn’t usually try. You may be surprised at what suits you and what doesn’t.

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