There are no rules when it comes to styling yourself with jewellery, however if you’re trying to create a staple look for yourself, you might want to stick with one tone, but picking between gold, silver and now rose gold can be tricky! Here are a few guidelines to help you


Skin Tone

Your skin tone can play a significant role in deciding on silver or gold. Warm skin tones tend to work best with gold whereas cooler toned skin suits silver better. If you have red undertones, gold can only emphasise this redness, which some may want to avoid. 


The outfit

Gold is traditionally a more formal choice when it comes to jewellery, so you might want to take that into consideration. However, a more rustic gold can work well with vintage styles or the laid back, bohemian style. Silver is incredibly versatile and works well with diamonds, perfect for a cocktail evening. Silver can also be more suited to every day wear. Similar to skin tones, warmer colours will work best with golds and cool tones with silver. 


Mix and Match?

The old rule of “do not mix silver and gold” is out the window. If you can create a beautiful look with different coloured pieces, why not embrace combining silver and gold? It’s all about balance, so find what works best for you and have fun with it!


It’s all about finding a style that works for you, just because the traditional rules say your skin tone and hair colour won’t suit a particular colour doesn’t mean that’s true, everyone has their individual style and should embrace that!