Thanks to a significant drop in gold prices, gold jewellery is enjoying a big resurgence in popularity in 2014.  

In mid-2011, the value of gold rose above $1900 USD dollars per ounce. Since then however, it has steadily declined and is now predicted to hover at an average of $1200 USD per ounce.

As consumers all over the world are taking advantage of this drop in price, the World Gold Council reported gold jewellery demand by the end of 2013 saw its biggest increase in 16 years. This is a global trend, but particularly prevalent in China and India, with these two nations making up almost 60 per cent of the global consumer gold demand.

Thanks to the lower prices, jewellery designers are re-embracing the precious metal and using it more liberally in their designs. White gold and silver jewellery has dominated jewellery fashion trends for the past decade, however, flashier looking yellow gold jewellery is becoming trendy again, like it was in the 1980’s. Particularly on trend in gold jewellery for 2014 will be long sautoir style gold chain necklaces with gemstones, dainty gold pendants, gold hoop earrings and chunky gold cuffs.

The World Gold Council is further pushing the trend for gold with their initiative, LoveGold, a website seeking out the world’s most beautiful gold jewellery and sharing it with the digital generation.

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