Engraving has been around for centuries, from carvings in stone to metal engraving in the 15th  century. Nowadays, It’s a great way of giving a message or adding a personal touch to a gift. Modern technology has meant that traditional engraving has been elevated to a more refined art form, ideal for fine script or pattern detailing. 

Whilst hand engraving is a beautiful skill, laser engraving is ideal for jewellery items as it allows for precision and finer details. We are happy to have in-house engraving, giving us the ability to create custom pieces for you.

Traditionally, engraving is believed to only be capable on metals. Laser engraving allows us to engrave onto many materials, including plastics, wood, leather, glass and acrylic. Meaning that the possibilities are endless when it comes to deciding what to get an engraving on.


What should I engrave?

Engraving is an art form, so we often suggest people get something personal engraved. You can bring any item in for a possible engraving, we can discuss what the options are and work with you to create a beautiful design.

Opt for something short and sweet, often the item to be engraved will be small, so you don’t want to choose a design that might not be visible or legible. Dates, names and locations are perfect for engravings. They have sentimental meaning and are often simple enough to create a beautiful engraving.


Why pick laser engraving over hand?

Laser engraving is precise, minimising the risk of human error. We want to deliver a beautiful final product, so laser engraving ensures this, with consistent results in a short period of time. Our team are talented, professional jewellers. We can work closely with you to come up with a beautiful design that suits your wants.