Silver is a classic choice when it comes to selecting jewellery. It goes with everything and is a more affordable option than gold, but it still looks beautiful.

Pure silver is too soft to work as jewellery, so it is usually combined with copper to create a stronger metal. This then becomes sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This balance ensures that the silver is strong but still holds its colour and shine.

Throughout history, silver has been used for a wide variety of reasons including displaying wealth and power, to ward off evil and sickness and to improve circulation. It’s said to even provide a glimpse into your own health. For example, if your silver jewellery turns blue, it could indicate high levels of sodium.

Silver is durable

Just like all jewellery, if you care for your silver properly it will last a lifetime, especially when you select a high-quality piece. We also offer a jewellery cleaning and repair service, so if you aren’t sure how to properly clean your silver, we can do it for you. 


Trends are constantly changing, so it can be hard to keep up, however, silver is a great way of remaining on-trend. The timeless style of silver allows you to always fit in with a trend. You can add or takeaway statement pieces easily, whilst still looking great. 

Our top picks from our collection of silver pieces


stunning earings online brisbane
sterling silver daisy chain jewellery clayfield

Daisy Chains

Embrace the Springtime, even when it’s over with our sweet silver Daisy jewellery. 

sterling silver jewellery clayfiedl jewellery


Stunning Silver earrings coordinate with every outfit and style. These simple but classic drop earrings are a statement piece that every jewellery collection should have

chocolate opal and diamond ring
diamond and sapphire ring clayfield jewellery

Colourful Rings

Silver is a versatile material, so it works beautifully with coloured gemstones

sterling silver diamonds ring clayfield jewellery

Fine Lines

Silver comes in all styles. We love more intricate designs that allow you to show your personality and style.