Taking inspiration from the fabulous outfits at London Fashion Week, colour experts Pantone worked with designers to choose 10 of the most fabulous colours for the season. Check out part one of the top jewellery colours and delve further into their delightful shades with this second instalment.
6. Amethyst Orchid
Sink into sumptuous purples for a timeless, elegant look or give your jewellery a modern vibe by choosing plastic or rubber settings in this vibrant shade.
7. Dried Herb
This Pantone shade is a subtler and more nuanced palette with a dusky, yellow-green giving off a particularly sophisticated air.
8. Oak Buff
For a brighter, more energetic splash of inspiration, try the warm yellows of Oak Buff. It will make you think of sunny days and cool drinks in the park, perfect for staving off winter blues.
9. Stormy Weather
If, on the other hand, you’d prefer to dress to suit the mood, the chilly, pewter grey of Stormy Weather is sure to tick all of your boxes.
10. Cadmium Orange
Reminiscent of a delicious scoop of peach ice cream, this warm shade is a lovely complement to sombre greens and greys, adding a splash of vivacious colour to a winter wardrobe.
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