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There are a few variables which will effect the cost of having a piece custom made:

  • Metal type and weight
    • Consider what metal you might like – 9ct, 18ct, yellow gold, white gold, platinum or palladium. We can help you in-store with the differences between metals and what might work best for your piece. For more detailed information on precious metals check out our precious metals partner
  • Will your piece involve diamonds or gemstones?
    • As certified diamond graders we can help you choose from a range of diamonds to make the best choice for your piece. Check out our diamond education page for information regarding choosing a diamond.
    • We also have a beautiful range of precious coloured gemstone jewellery, and trusted suppliers to provide you with high quality coloured stones for your piece. See our custom designs and coloured gemstone jewellery gallery for examples and inspiration.
  • Design choices
    • If you have any photos or sketches of the piece you have in mind that is always a great starting point, however, there are many ways for us to guide you in the design process, and if you’re unsure what you want – we’re here to help!
    • As well as refining your idea with our highly experienced jewellers and design team, our digital design software will allow you to see different design options you might not have considered.
  • Digital Design and 3D Printing
    • To ensure you’re happy with your design we can create a digital CAD (computer aided design) version of your piece, and then print a 3D wax mould in store for you to try on and adjust to your liking.
    • Once you’re happy with the design we can either hand-make the piece in our onsite workshop or send your wax mould away for casting and finish and set the final piece in our onsite workshop. We’ll discuss which option might suit your design best.

As you can see, these different options throughout the custom design process can lead to very different outcomes – particularly in terms of metal and diamond choice and labour costs. We will always give you options at each stage and work with your design and budget because we want you to love the final piece.

hand making wedding ring
clayfield jewellery engagement rings brisbane
18ct Rose Gold, 5.80ct Morganite & 16 Diamonds equaling .08ct.


Before we can price a ring that needs resizing, we will generally need to see the ring to assess exactly what is involved.
When we assess the ring we look for:

  • How the ring was constructed
  • Where it originated from
  • Are any special precautions that we need to consider before resizing
  • Will the settings be strong enough to withstand resizing
  • The metal type the ring is made out of

Once we are sure the resize will not compromise the structural integrity of the ring, and we have an understanding of how much larger or smaller the ring is going we can provide you with an accurate quote.


There are so many things to consider when buying a diamond that one can get lost in the detail.

Following these rules can really help:

  • Make sure you are discussing diamonds with a qualified person who can actually tell you what makes a diamond the value it is. You should be talking to a qualified Diamond Grader at the minimum.
  • Ask as many questions as you can as your knowledge about diamonds grows. There won’t be many in the beginning but as you learn more the questions will come.
  • Compare “Apples with Apples”. It doesn’t always get down to comparing the size and price. Even diamonds of the same size and quality can have small differences in its characteristics that affect the value.
  • Don’t be pushed into the deal of the century. Take your time to choose your diamond. If someone is offering you a deal of the century, there is a strong reason as to why.
Check out our diamond education page for more information about making an informed diamond purchasing choice or chat with one of our staff members who are certified diamond graders.
silver ring with diamonds


Often not, we only buy pieces we strongly feel we can sell and suit our current collection without having to restore or alter to a large degree.

  • We do occasionally buy diamond pieces, particularly engagement rings and wedding bands, however.
  • We are always happy to help you by suggesting alternative outlets for selling your jewellery and can provide valuations to help you sell your pieces at a reasonable price.


We have the capability to supply large volume orders of jewellery for corporate events or school graduations

  • We can work with a supplied design or our experienced jewellers and staff members can help you design your piece using our computer aided design software and 3D printer
  • Be sure to contact us as far in advance as possible to ensure we can fit you into the workshop

Here are some examples of our recent school graduation rings, and corporate lapel pins:

silver customised ring emblem
star pin