In-Store Designs and Repairs at Clayfield Jewellery

Professional and Experienced Jewellers in North Brisbane

Are you looking for a jeweller in North Brisbane? As expert jewellery designers with a range of experience, we repair and handcraft the finest in luxury jewellery.


Clayfield Jewellery provides you with more than just an extensive range of contemporary jewellery. With qualified jewellers working on-site in our fully equipped workshop,
you also have the opportunity to restore, remodel, or repair your treasured pieces.


We are expert jewellers and jewellery designers, who are able to assist you in creating your own personalised designs, as we regularly handcraft jewellery in our North Brisbane premises.


We provide jewellery repairs in Brisbane you can count on! Clayfield Jewellery
provides the safest options for your precious pieces, as all of our work is done in-house.

Some jewellers outsource this critical area, therefore heightening the risk of your
jewellery being lost or not entirely done to your liking. As you know, most jewellery
holds sentimental value that can never be replaced, so why risk it?



Most jewellers generally have hefty delays around your work being completed. Once again, this is because they outsource this area, as it is deemed as a less important part of their business. Clayfield Jewellery provides all of this in-house, including a jewellery workshop on-site in Brisbane, which makes our turnaround time on your work lightning fast. This is an integral part of our service offering to you, which means that we take pride in every job that leaves our workshop.

As part of our professional service, you can also discuss your custom design requirements with the actual jeweller that will carry out your work. This gives you extra peace of mind in knowing that nothing will be lost in translation, which can and does happen with large jewellery retailers.

We can also work with you to create a digital design of your piece and then 3D print a wax version in-store for you to try before we bring your custom design to life…taking all of the guesswork out of getting a custom piece made!


3D Printing:
1. We translate your idea using digital computer-aided-design
2. Then 3D print a wax model using our in-store 3D printer for you to approve
3. The wax model is then cast in the metal of your choice
4. Our onsite jewellers set and finish your stunning individual pieceCAD3D.jpg


Our in-store 3D scanner allows us to create a digital file of virtually any 3D object.
One of the most exciting things we can use our 3D scanner for is to scan a client’s existing engagement ring into our computer system – and then design a perfectly fitted band around it.

However, there are so many other uses for this exciting new technology:
– Is there a sentimental object you would love multiple copies of, perhaps to give to other family members or friends? We can scan the object into our system and have multiple versions cast, so it can be passed onto others.

– Is there a small object you always wished you could make into a pendant or charm? We can scan in the object into our system, (a coin for example) and create a charm or pendant in the metal of your choice.

– Do you have an old piece of jewellery which is broken and unable to be repaired? We can scan it into our system and then alter the breaks, casting you a brand new replica.

An example of using our 3D Scanner to create fitted wedding and eternity bands:


1. The client’s engagement ring is scanned into our computer system using our in-store 3D scanner.
2. A perfectly fitting band is designed around the engagement ring, in the clients preferred style.
3. The band design is 3D printed in-store, and then sent away for casting in the metal of choice.
4. The cast ring is cleaned up and set in our on-site workshop – ready to be worn sitting beautifully against the engagement ring.


We are able to manufacture large volume orders of pieces for corporate events and school graduations. Lapel pins and school graduation rings, pendants and bracelets have all been produced in our on-site workshop in the past. This process is also made easier with our in house computer aided design (CAD) and 3D printing capabilities. Contact us for further information about unique large volume corporate jewellery orders.

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Lapel Pins for Westpac corporate event gifts  | Graduation rings for Mt Alvernia College and Mary Mackillop College




Laser Welding
Have you been told your jewellery cannot be fixed at all; or without great expense?
Laser Welding enables us to do the repairs to your jewellery that other jewellers may say NO to.

CAD Creations (Computer Aided Design) 
CAD transforms your ideas and concepts into a 3D image.

CounterSketch Software
3D design software, allowing us to work with you to create a unique design which we can then print a wax version of in-store.

Projet 1200 3D Printer
Try on a wax version of your design before it is cast.

Jewellery Cleaning and Polishing 
Give your jewellery a lift with a quick clean or restore your jewellery with a full polish.

Jewellery Valuations 
Insurance companies require your jewellery to be valued with current replacement values.

Re-tipping Claws 
Over time all claws wear down with everyday life. Re-tipping is building up your claws to secure your gems.

Repairing Broken Jewellery 
Bring any and all of your broken jewellery to us. There is almost nothing we cannot restore.

Resizing Rings 
Do your rings fit comfortably? We can adjust the size to fit you perfectly.

Pearl Rethreading 
Secure your precious pearls or beads by having them cleaned and restrung.

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