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Pink Diamonds are certainly in vogue right now. And at Clayfield Jewellery on Brisbane’s Northside, we pride ourselves on having a vast range of spectacular pieces; this includes our gorgeous Australian Pink Diamonds from the ‘Argyle Mine’ range!

One of the reasons that Pink Diamonds are becoming increasingly more popular is due to the fact that they are becoming increasingly rarer.

Approximately 90% of Pink Diamonds worldwide originate from the Argyle mine located in Kimberly, Western Australia. Unfortunately, the mine will be closed by 2021; meaning these stones will only continue to become more valuable and rarer with demand.



Colour Grading of Pink Diamonds from the Argyle Mine

Cut, clarity and carat weight hugely impacts the value of White Diamonds and seem to be paid more attention to while grading, whereas when valuing Pink Diamonds colour is considered most important. View the official Argyle Dimaonds website here to get the best idea of their colour range:

When grading colour there are three main factors to take into account; hue, tone and saturation. The hue is known as the most dominant colour within the stone, tone is the level of darkness or lightness, and lastly saturation which is the strength of hue. As the colour of the stone gets more intense the price begins to rise due to its rarity.

Pink Diamonds can be described as a sort of anomaly in regards to how they get their pink colour. Generally, fancy coloured Diamonds become that way due to being exposed to some sort of predominant trace or impurity, whereas Pink Diamonds have no evidence to support that fact.

‘In the case of pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine, it is thought that extraordinary pressure more than 160 kilometres below ground raised the diamonds to the surface and it has been established that the twist in the crystal lattice is present in all pink diamonds, refracting light and producing colour. Levels of nitrogen appear to also be important, with lower levels favouring pink colours.’ (Argyle Diamonds Limited, 2019). – May, or may not include.

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