Pink Diamonds are so elusive they have become the feature of dozens of cinematic films.

From Bond villains to Inspector Clouseau, we have watched characters trip and fumble over each other to get their hands on these rare gems. But how rare are pink diamonds really? 

In today’s market pink diamonds are currently worth up to 20 times their white counterparts, depending on quality. However, the price of pink diamonds may be about to sky-rocket with the proposed closure of the Argyle mine in 2020. 

The Argyle mine in Western Australia supplies 90% of the world’s pink diamonds. However, even this behemoth mine still only produces a limited amount  each year. The Argyle Mine has become so synonymous with pink diamonds that the gems are often referred to as ‘Argyle Diamonds’. However, it is important to remember that these are pink diamonds mined in Argyle, not a unique new subset of gem. While some of the diamonds found in the Argyle mine are pink, not all are; meaning you can purchase less rare ‘Argyle Diamonds’. 

The pink hue of these famous diamonds baffled scientists, jewellers, and the public for many years as there was no clear reason why these diamonds displayed the colour. With other diamonds and gems, the colouration is normally caused by various minerals. White diamonds are colourless because they are made up of only carbon. However, pink diamonds also have no additional minerals. So how can it be that they display this vibrant pink hue? Today, it is believed that this pink colour is due to a fault in the formation of the carbon atoms which affects the way light passes through the gem. The fault in the formation of the carbon is likely due to higher than normal heat, pressure, and seismic activity. 

Mined pink diamonds and blue diamonds (another rare diamond found in the Argyle Mine) are the rarest in the world and as such require careful care and attention during setting. Furthermore, if you wish to acquire a custom pink diamond piece it is critical to ensure your jeweller understands the best way to make your rare gem stand out. 

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