Have a peek behind the curtain here at Clayfield Jewellery, where our unique experience and blend of ethical practices and skilled craftsmanship come together to create timeless jewellery for our customers.

Our journey in the jewellery has remained prominent in Brisbane since 1994, where our founder Trevor started his first jewellery store which was founded on expertise and a dedication to perfection. At the core of our business lies a group of jewellery professionals who each contribute different their talents and enthusiasm. Lets introduce you to the specialists who shape Clayfield Jewellery into the business it is today.

Trevor Sim; Our Founder and Authority in Jewellery Expertise and Design

Heading our team is Trevor Sim, the proprietor of Clayfield Jewellery, whose involvement in the jewelry industry spans than three decades. Trevor is a visionary when it comes to jewellery design and he’s also a diamond grader and valuation expert. With Trevor leading the way customers are expertly guided through the design process ensuring they make informed decisions when investing in diamonds and receive valuations for their precious pieces.

Ryan Haddrell; Our Master Jewellery Craftsman

Bringing over twenty five years of experience to our team is Ryan Haddrell, our Master Craftsman known for his craftsmanship, in custom designs and intricate repairs.
Ryans personal life goes beyond the beauty of gemstones as he proudly embraces his role, as a father to twins, Malik and Macy.

Macy Johnson Haddrell; A Creative Force Behind Marketing and Design

In todays landscape Macy Johnson Haddrell plays a role as our marketing and social media manager ensuring that Clayfield Jewellery shines bright in the online sphere. Apart from her involvement in jewellery design and purchasing Macy injects a flair into our craftsmanship. Her expertise in diamond grading and eye for design are instrumental in shaping the evolving legacy of our brand.

Gabriella Wood; The Knowledge Maven 

Gabby is a wealth of wisdom at Clayfield Jewellery with a spectrum of knowledge spanning jewellery design, diamond grading and valuation. Beyond the confines of our showroom she unleashes her prowess as our specialist CAD engineer—bringing forth designs like bespoke engagement rings and intricate pendants through the magic of 3D printing.

Malik Haddrell; A Rising Star Under Ryans Guidance

Guided by Ryans mentorship Malik Haddrell is carving his path as an apprentice jeweller on the rise. Embracing both methods and contemporary innovations with zeal Maliks skillfulness— evident in his mastery of our advanced laser welder—points towards a promising future, in the realm of jewellery craftsmanship.

Our Jewellery History in North Brisbance Since 1994

After relocating to Nundah Village in 2007 from Clayfield our team has been. Exploring ideas. Our skilled professionals provide a range of services from custom jewelry design, with the help of CAD technology to diamond assessment and expert valuations. We take pride in offering a set of services ensuring that each clients journey from concept to completion is seamless and satisfying.

Starting back in 1994 with a focus on manufacturing and trade Clayfield Jewellery has transformed into a center of innovation and artistry. As members of the Jewellers Association of Australia we remain dedicated to maintaining standards of quality and ethical conduct. Our diverse collection not showcases designs but also specialises in precious gems like pink diamonds, as well as an extensive selection of engagement rings and wedding bands.

Our loved workshop reflects our commitment by providing everything from repairs and renovations to laser engraving and personalized creations. The recent introduction of our shop marks a phase for us bringing the treasures of Clayfield Jewellery to a global audience.

We welcome you to discover the enchantment at Clayfield Jewellery. Come visit our store and workshop at Nundah Village for a one on one consultation, with our team.
Uncover the allure of obtained gemstones meticulously fashioned by the artisans, at Clayfield Jewellery.