Visiting Hong Kong to explore new jewellery, gemstones & pearls

Clayfield Jewellery has a reputation as a trusted and phenomenal local jeweller here in Brisbane QLD, however, more recently owner Trevor Sim, has taken Clayfield Jewellery beyond Australia’s borders.

Trevor has recently returned from two of the largest international gemstone and jewellery shows. Both the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show and the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem, and Pearl Show were held in March this year.

With over 2,000 vendors at each show, these events are the place to be for anything jewellery related. Jewellers, suppliers, and every professional in-between make their way to Hong Kong from all over the globe. Over the years, these shows have become a central meeting hub. Sadly, Australian jewellers are limited in the gemstones they are able to offer their clients. Seeing a gemstone in-person is critical, it is pointless for jewellers to order from catalogues or online. There are many critical factors that cannot be represented in images.

Visiting these international trade shows are critical if clients are to receive a range of quality stones to choose from.

Trevor Sim has over 3 decades’ experience in the trade and has built up an impressive network of connections. In fact, he already has an impressive number of contacts with international manufacturers. These connections combined with his recent acquisitions from these trade shows means that Clayfield Jewellery can provide a wider range of gemstones to clients without the excessive markup that we’re all used to.

The industry has changed vastly in recent years. Clients are more aware of the quality that goes into their jewellery and are, rightfully, demanding quality. Furthermore, there has been a significant shift from chain-store jewellers to bespoke, thoughtful pieces. Sourcing unique and quality gemstones means that there are even fewer limits when it comes to bespoke artwork.

Trevor’s trip to Hong Kong was incredibly fruitful. Clayfield Jewellery will be importing some absolutely stunning stones, including Tanzanite, Morganite, Aquamarine, and Tsavorite. Tsavorite is a stunning green stone with looks similar to an emerald but is more brilliant and durable. These acquisitions will give clients a great new range to choose from with great value for money.

The successful outcome of this international endeavour has opened the door for even more acquisitions. Trevor will be travelling to Hong Kong again in June this year to source an even wider range for Clayfield Jewellery. What sorts of stones do you think he will come back with?

Contact the Clayfield Jewellery team today if you are interested in any of our new stones or would like to hear more about our bespoke jewellery, or even just to hear about the international gem shows!