Check out our new Online Shop!

Clayfield Jewellery is pleased to announce our new online shop!

Our online shop provides a platform for you to browse our products on the go, at home, during your lunch break, or wherever you desire! You can choose the products you like and visit them in-store, or you can order them online and they will be delivered straight to you!

Our online shop caters for everyone! We have Jewellery for all different occasions and to suit all different price ranges and budgets.

They are plenty of benefits to shopping online which include;


Most consumers prefer online shopping because of the convenience it offers. Rather than personally visiting a jewelry store, shoppers can request for their items to be directly shipped to their home address, reducing the time that you would spend perusing various customary jewellery stores. Our online shop gives you convenience so you can shop anywhere, any time without having to make time our of your day to come into the shop.

Our online shop will continue to operate during these uncertain COVID-19 times.

Better prices 

On our online shop, we can offer you better prices!

Easy to send gifts

If you are buying a gift for a loved one or a friend, our online shop makes this whole process smooth and simple! You are free to browse all of our items in your own time so you won’t be caught if it’s a surprise. Once you found the perfect item just add it to the cart and you can have it sent straight to them or to your house. 

No sales pressure

On our online shop you won’t feel any pressure to make an impulse purchase by sales staff. You will be able to think as you will with no extra pressure!


Our online shop can carry more than our actual store, so online you have a much bigger variety of Jewellery to choose from.