Jewellery has always been about self expression.

Whether you are looking for a unique piece for yourself or for a loved one, creating something that perfectly encapsulates your style and taste is important. For most people, wearing treasured items, such as engagement and wedding rings, or memorial pieces, is a daily occurence. As such, having a design that you love is critical.

Clayfield Jewellery have been Brisbane’s premier choice in custom jewellery for many years. We have extensive examples of our engagement and wedding rings, as well as a broad range of education articles for buyers to peruse. We are committed to creating the ultimate customer experience, which is why we are introducing yet another custom service.

customise jewellery 3d scanner brisbane

Clayfield Jewellery employs 3D scanning and printing to create a ‘draft version’ of your piece before work begins. This means that you can see and hold your jewellery, made in wax, before our master jeweller begin working. This is fantastic for clients wanting custom pieces; your jeweller will create your custom piece digitally, and then ‘print’ it so that you physically inspect what the finished product will look like. The practicalities of 3D printing your custom piece are also incredibly valuable. You are able to try the fit and size of your ring before purchasing the gold or stones.

The 3D scanner also makes adjusting existing pieces much easier. No longer do you just have to wait and see. Our designers will scan your existing piece, digital modify it, and show you the outcome – all without altering the original. You can learn a little more about this process here.

If you want to know more about how 3D scanners and printers are used to create custom jewellery then contact our friendly team today. Alternatively, you can book your consultation with our master jewellers to start this exciting process!