What is a Stacker Ring?

A stacker ring is quite basically as it sounds – it’s a ring that is able to be stacked on top of another ring or several. Generally they’re plain gold/silver thin bands, however plain bands with stones can also be stacked. It’s really up to you! While her words are usually ones to live by, forget what Coco Chanel said about removing 1 thing before you walk out of the house – this is all about adding accessories to your outfit!  
You don’t have to stop at rings, you can also stack necklaces, bracelets and earrings!

The Ability to Mix and Match

With stackers you can play around and mix and match your rings to suit your style/mood. You could have an all gold stack of about 5 bands or a stack of silver bands or a mixture of the two. The possibilities are endless, it’s just a matter of finding the right rings that will fit nicely together.
Another thing to consider when buying rings for the purpose of stacking, is that your finger size can change as the rings move up your finger. The lowest ring might push your finger fat up a bit creating the need for a larger ring to be stacked on top.
You’ll also see a lot of people stacking their wedding bands, a lot of brides are opting for plain engagement rings that can be easily stacked with wedding bands. Another idea is to get a new wedding band at each major anniversary to add to your stack.

The Trend 

Stackers are very trendy at the moment, you’ll spot a lot of celebrities stacking their rings. But not only will they stack rings, they’re also stacking other things like super-fine necklaces, earrings and bracelets/bangles. The trend of ‘Stacking’ is really broad and gives you a chance to customise your stacking to suit your style, whether it be on your finger, wrist or neck.
A popular look is stacking plain metal bands with some stone bands too. Similar to some of the rings in our image above. We have a large range of jewellery at Clayfields, check out our gallery here or pop into our store to talk to our friendly staff and browse the range.