When you want to show someone how much you care for them, there’s nothing quite like a promise, commitment or eternity ring. Choose the perfect symbol of your love, friendship or devotion with the help of our quick guide to some of the most significant rings around.


Eternity Rings

Normally shared by couples who want to celebrate a lifetime of love and devotion, an eternity ring typically symbolises a connection that has lasted for many years. They often feature an unbroken circle of gems, to illustrate the on-going connection between two people and are sometimes referred to as infinity rings. They are frequently given to celebrate significant anniversaries.

Promise Rings

A promise ring can be exchanged by couples who plan to be together for a long time, but they can also be used to symbolise a variety of other kinds of commitments. For example, some people give promise rings to mark a lifelong friendship or a special personal achievement. Others wear promise rings to celebrate their faith.

Commitment Rings

A commitment ring is often given to celebrate a romantic commitment between two people. Some couples choose to exchange commitment rings instead of or as well as engagement rings. They are also a symbol of a faithful relationship, and some people choose to wear a commitment ring as a way to declare their chastity.

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