Diamond shape is an important consideration!

Particularly when looking at buying an engagement ring or having a piece custom made. The shape and cut of the diamond will be a key element of the piece, and has a bearing on how reflective or how much ‘fire’ the stone has, how large the stone appears, and how the piece overall looks on the finger.
Below is a handy guide to the main diamond shapes available, the most popular being the round brilliant cut – due to its amazing sparkle and versatile, timeless shape. Princess, a square shape, is the second most popular for similar reasons. The other shapes have their advantages as well however, with many of the longer shapes such as oval and marquise often making a stone appear larger than the more usual cuts – as well as their slimming effect on the finger.
diamond shape guide from brisbane jewellers

While all of the shapes have their pros and cons, ultimately the choice of diamond shape comes down to personal preference and the design you have in mind. Their may be no seemingly ‘logical’ reason for your choice of diamond shape, you’ll likely find you’re drawn to a particular shape “just because” – which is perfectly normal and will help make your piece feel just right for you.
When you visit Clayfield Jewellery whether to consider a piece we have in stock or to look into having a piece custom made, it will help to have an understanding of the different shapes available to you. We have many of these shapes in stock, and are also able to have a range of diamonds in your preferred shape, price range, colour and clarity ordered in for you to choose from.
Visit us at our Nundah Village Jewellery store and workshop, located in North Brisbane if you would like more information regarding choosing a diamond, the differences in diamond shapes, and our custom design and diamond services.