5 things to consider when purchasing a wedding ring 

  1. Metal choice

Yellow or white gold is a classic choice, however it might be worth considering spending a little more on platinum or palladium. Both white metals are much more durable than gold, and as an added bonus do not require rhodium plating to maintain their colour, unlike white gold.

  1. Diamonds? Gemstones?

Would you like some added sparkle to your ring? Diamonds are a classic choice due to their symbolism, simplicity and durability. However ruby and sapphire are also quite hard stones, and so perfect for a piece you want to wear everyday and last forever.

  1. Traditional or Modern?

A classic yellow gold wedding band is an iconic image, however there are so many more choices available these days and you might prefer something a little more personalized. Consider two or three-tone metal rings or different textures such as brushed or etched designs. We can even personalize the ring with a laser engraving.

  1. To match or not to match?

It can be symbolic and romantic to have a link between your partners’ ring design and your own. This is a personal choice however, and opposites do attract! You want to feel comfortable wearing your wedding ring everyday, so ultimately make it yours.

  1. Off the shelf or custom make?

As stockists of Australian made Peter W Beck and Dora wedding bands Clayfield Jewellery have access to their large range of designs, but what if your dream ring isn’t in their catalogue? We also have an onsite workshop where we are able to hand make a truly unique design for you, a great option especially if you are wishing to modify an existing piece of Jewellery.
Purchasing a wedding ring is a big decision, but with over 30 years experience the staff at Clayfield Jewellery have the knowledge, skills and technology to make the process run smoothly.
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