Birthstones are said to have begun back in biblical times when a priest adorned his breastplate with 12 coloured gems. These gems then became connected to the zodiac and the corresponding months. People began wearing all 12 gemstones throughout the year to get the benefits from each gem. This developed into the belief that various gems held special powers for individuals born each month. It is believed that in Poland in the 18th Century people began wearing the stone associated with their birth month for an entire year, instead of rotating through the 12. By 1912, the American National Association of Jewellers designed a list officially assigning the gems to particular months, which has remained the same.

The birthstone for April is the Diamond, which some recognise as the “King of all Birthstones”. The word diamond originates from the Greek word ‘Adamas’ which means unconquerable and indestructible, which Diamonds are known for.

Diamonds hold a lot of history and spiritual beliefs. Some say they were created by lightning bolts, some say they were the tears of the gods and the Ancient Romans believed Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds. The Hindu tradition links diamonds to Venus and some ancient beliefs link them to the planet Mars. Most of these beliefs led to the tradition of warriors wearings diamonds into battle to help give them strength, courage and protection. Not only were they believed to provide protection, but they were also said to have healing, cleansing powers, especially for illnesses linked to the brain and pituitary glands.

For those born in April, wearing a diamond is said to help make them happier in their relationships, be more successful in life and give them strength from within. Diamonds are also associated with other benefits such as mental clarity, balance and prosperity.

Diamonds are also largely linked to love, with the diamond being the gemstone of choice for many engagement rings. At Clayfield Jewellery, we provide a range of diamond jewellery, from custom made engagement rings to earrings and necklaces, perfect for embracing your birthstone. We are also proud to provide our customers with ethical, lab-grown diamonds. Learn more about our Diamonds here.

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