At Clayfield Jewellery, we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable jewellery designers who can custom make any ring you desire, however, with so many design choices to make, we know it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re hoping to surprise your future fiance! To start with, we recommend that you pick a cut, this will make the next few decisions a bit easier.

The Round (Brilliant) Cut

The most classic style of engagement ring, a Round Cut is exactly what it sounds like- a rounded finish. A standard round cut has 58 facets, so it’s incredibly shiny!

The Princess Cut

Another classic engagement ring style is the Princess Cut. The square shaped diamond provides plenty of sparkle, especially when sitting on a band filled with diamonds.

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The Emerald Cut

If you’re after high clarity in your diamond, then the Emerald Cut is for you. The step-cut facets provide amazing clarity. With it’s nod to vintage rings, Emerald Cut diamonds work well in geometric settings.

The Oval Cut

It’s easy to forget that you have to take into consideration the shape and size of your hand and fingers when deciding on what cut to choose. The Oval Cut is flattering on any hand as it elongates with its symmetry and soft design. The design can even help make the diamond itself appear bigger, especially once you add a halo of diamonds around the central diamond.

The Baguette Cut

This slim design is suited for those who prefer a minimal approach when it comes to style. Baguette cut diamonds can be large or small, and look gorgeous set in between similar stones.

The Pear Cut

A Pear Cut is a combination of an Oval Cut and a Marquise and is a popular choice for engagement rings. The teardrop style is typically surrounded by a halo of diamonds, which can make the centre diamond appear bigger.

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The Marquise Cut

For something a bit different, the Marquise Cut is incredibly unique. Often longer than it is wide, the Marquise is said to have been modelled on the smile of a woman. This style is flattering on the hand, elongating fingers, however, with the sharper ends, you’ll have to be a bit careful! You may also need a wedding band designed to sit well next to the Marquise Cut, luckily, at Clayfield Jewellery, our team are expert ring designers who can custom make a ring just for you.

The Heart Cut

For something a bit different, the Heart Cut is exactly how it sounds- the diamond is cut into the shape of a heart. The heart diamond might not be for everyone, but it is certainly for the romantics at heart.

The Radiant Cut

Matching the brilliance of a Round Cut, the Radiant Cut has 70 facets, so it truly sparkles! The Radiant Cut can be square or rectangular, so talk to one of our jewellers to find what style will suit you (or your future Fiance) best.

The Cushion Cut

The Cushion Cut has rounded corners, but don’t be fooled by the name, it is far from a soft pillow- the cut allows for larger facets therefore more shine! If you find yourself lusting after vintage rings, this style is for you.

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The Trilliant Cut

Stand out with a truly unique ring design with the Trilliant Cut. The stone is triangle-shaped, far from the traditional round or square cuts that we often see, plus it can look larger than other cuts. However, there may be a loss of clarity, so you may have to choose whether you prefer a bigger or a shinier ring.