The stunning blue tones of topaz make it a firm favourite with jewellery lovers the world over. From unusual engagement rings to beautiful earrings, topaz is a lovely coloured gemstone that can be incorporated into a collection in many wonderful ways. Learn more about the differences between two of the most popular types of topaz and what makes each unique.


London Blue and Sky Blue Topaz

As with many other gems, topaz comes in a wide collection of shades and colours, ranging from a very pale to a much darker blue. The distinctive colours are typically separated into two groups to make it easier for people to value, categorise and sell.

Sky blue topazes tend to be at the lighter end of the colour spectrum, with the gems appearing a pale blue hue. London blue topazes are a darker, greyish blue, and are regarded as the most valuable variety as the tones are more saturated.

It’s worth keeping in mind that natural topazes in striking blue hues are very unusual. The majority of the blue stones we see today are actually pieces of white topaz that have been treated to produce stronger shades. Electron bombardment in an accelerator creates the pale colours of sky blue topaz, while exposure to fast neutrons in a nuclear reactor creates the deep shades of London blue stones.

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