When it comes to jewellery, there is nothing as luxurious as diamonds, but what about diamonds with chocolate? You probably know that diamonds vary in colours; classic white, fancy yellows and pinks, and the extremely rare reds and blues to name a few. So what about chocolate diamonds?

Diamant de Chocolat

Chocolate diamonds are available in shades to suit every chocolate lovers taste, ranging on the Argyle Colour Grading Scale from light and creamy (C1), to dark and rich (C7). At Clayfield Jewellery, we source our natural chocolate diamonds through ‘Australian Chocolate Diamonds’ from the Argyle mines in Western Australia, which is one of the largest diamond producing mines in the world.

Each of these stunning gems are laser inscribed for security and you can follow its exciting journey from the mine to your hand through its personal ‘Diamond Story’ on the GIA approved certificate.


Chocolate Diamond Jewellery

So let’s talk design. Just as different foods can alter and compliment (or not!) the taste of chocolate, different metals can have the same effect on diamonds. White metals can give a bright, striking look as the white contrasts with the chocolate. This look is best achieved with a grade C6-7 diamond, which are a rich chocolate colour.

Yellow gold will help bring out the warm, autumn tones in the chocolate and looks great with the lighter coloured C1-5 stones.

Rose gold, again, gives a completely different look, our personal favorite, bringing out the rich pink accents in the stones, rose gold is perfectly harmonious with most colours on the scale.

So how will you eat wear yours? Whether you are after a uniquely coloured diamond engagement ring, or a beautiful piece of handmade jewellery, our expert jewellers are here to help you create your Chocolate Dream! Visit us at our boutique jewellery store in North Brisbane, or contact us today.

If you wish to learn more about Australian Chocolate Diamonds head over to their website www.acdiamonds.com.au.