Have you ever wondered how much your treasured family heirlooms are worth? Make sure that, if you do try to work out the price tag for some of your jewellery, you have a look at our five most common jewellery valuation myths first.
jewellery valuation myths1. It Takes Only a Few Minutes to Value Jewellery
You might’ve seen ‘experts’ on TV simply glancing at an item and immediately reciting a list of facts about it. What the TV shows don’t show you, is all of the background research on the jewellery and the years of training needed to be able to examine a piece of jewellery accurately.
2. Jewels Will Sell for Their Insurance Evaluation Price
Insurance evaluations do try to put a price on jewellery pieces, but the truth is that an item of jewellery is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It could be that the style is out of fashion or low market prices mean that you can’t find anyone willing to match the insurance quote.
3. All Family Heirlooms Must Be Worth Something
Not every piece of jewellery is inherently valuable. Just because an item has been passed down over several generations doesn’t mean that it was made with quality gems or settings in the first place. Such pieces might have huge sentimental value, that doesn’t necessarily translate into dollars.
4. Jewellery Will Always Be Worth More As it Ages
While some antique pieces can command a high price, there’s no rule that says jewellery will appreciate over time. Fluctuating markets will always have an affect on how much the average piece of jewellery is worth.
5. Assessing Jewellery is So Easy, Anyone Can Do It
The truth is actually the exact opposite of this. Before being able to value gems and jewellery, professionals undertake formal training that can take years to master.
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