jewellery-box.jpgDo you wear all the pieces in your jewellery box? Perhaps you have an old family heirloom that isn’t to your taste, or cannot be worn due to imperfections caused by over time. Jewellery is created and gifted to be shown off, so hiding their beauty in your jewellery box seems a real shame!


So, what are your options?

At Clayfield Jewellery we have the facilities and expertise to help you fully explore all of your options.   With a fully equipped jewellery workshop onsite, and three highly trained jewellers, you can trust that your pieces are in expert hands. 

Recycling and Reconstruction

It may be that you’d completely like to start a fresh; you have a few pieces that aren’t being worn and you would like to melt them down and give them a new chapter.  Reconstruction is a fantastic option, as it gives you a chance to have a say in your own custom designed piece and choose something you will never want to take off.
Bangles are a great option for this if you have a substantial amount of gold you want to repurpose. We can also reset any gemstones so as not to waste their beauty.
Don’t have enough gold for a bangle? Let’s design a ring or pendant. Lost an earring? Let’s remake the other, or turn the single one into a pendant. So many options and opportunities!

Repairs and Restoration

Sometimes, having your gold melted and repurposed may not be entirely necessary.  If your jewellery is worn or damaged, or you have reservations about having it melted down and reformed from scratch, it may be a good idea to explore the options available in repair, as there are plenty.
Our expert jewellers offer a wide range of services at our onsite workshop, from extensive jewellery repairs, to ring resizing, jewellery cleaning and polishing, and re-tipping claws to resecure your gemstones.  All of our work is done in house, so you can trust that you will be speaking directly to the jeweller who will be restoring your piece.
Head over to our gallery or check out our Facebook page to see our examples of our custom designs and previous restoration work. Already know what you want? Get in touch with us today and let’s get the ball rolling!