Colour experts Pantone have worked with designers from New York Fashion Week to come up with 10 gorgeous colours that are trending right now. This stunning palette draws inspiration from important moments in American history, from the seductive 20s to the chilled out 60s and 70s. Dive in and pick your favourite colours for winter 2015.
1.diamond-and-topaz-earrings.jpg Biscay Bay
This fun and vibrant turquoise is perfect for reminiscing about the 70s in a bubbly, modern way – perfect for chilly days at the beach. 

2. Desert Sage
For a more subtle spin on aqua colours, try Desert Sage. This pale, yet deep green has a mysterious yet natural air that will look especially lovely paired with rosy pinks and gold.  
3. Reflecting Pond
For a magical, mystical and all-natural look, choose gems that most closely match Reflecting Pond – a soft blue that’s sure to leave you feeling peaceful.
4. Cashmere Rose

The delicate, soft tones of this gentle pink have a lovely, old fashioned feeling and are ideal for big nights out and will look especially nice with evening wear.
5. Marsala
Also good enough to eat is the earthy, chocolate tones of Marsala. Get some natural glamour with unusual dark caramel gems and brown beads.
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