No matter how clean you keep your hands you’re sure to find that over time, your diamond ring seems to lose a little of its sparkle. Don’t worry though – that’s something you can easily fix with some diamond cleaning tips.
Make Cleaning Part of Your Routine
To keep your diamond looking bright, you should get into the habit of removing your ring while completing any household cleaning that involves chemicals and liquids, you should also take off your jewellery prior to swimming in chlorinated pools and spas.
You can also help your jewellery by giving it a light clean regularly. Ideally, you should dip a soft toothbrush into some warm water with a small amount of gentle household cleaner and rub off any dirt that may become dislodged into the setting and around your diamond. Be very careful to use a soft-bristled brush as harsh bristles could damage fragile settings or scratch the surface of your ring. Once your diamond is perfectly clean, rub it lightly with a lint-free cloth.
Watch Out for Common Mistakes
There’s no doubt that diamonds are beautiful creations, so beautiful that you may be tempted to gaze at or fiddle with your stunning sparkler from time to time. Always bear in mind that the oils from your skin can quickly smear diamond surfaces, which are a natural magnet for grease. Handle your gem sparingly and it will look much brighter for longer.
Custom Diamond Jewellery in Brisbane
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