caring for gold jewellery

If you look after your gold jewellery well, it will retain its shine and last you for a long time.

Like any other precious metal, gold can become dull and dirty through use, and if you wear your jewellery often, you’re sure to notice it lose its shimmer over time. However, there are a couple of simple things you can do to keep your gold looking beautiful.|

Cleaning your Jewellery Regularly

Keep your gold looking its best by remembering to clean it regularly. Warm water with a little detergent in it will suffice, but you can also buy specific gold cleaning products if you prefer. A soft cloth will do for simple pieces and a soft brush is best if your jewellery has a lot of detail. Every now and then you can also soak your jewels in some water with baking soda to help them stay shiny.

Storing Gold Jewellery 

Be sure to store your jewellery in a satin or velvet-lined box, preferably with separate compartments for each piece. Don’t keep them in pouches or store together, as your jewellery will rub together and the gold will begin to wear away.

Taking it Off

There are some times when you should always remove your gold jewellery, like when you’re cleaning, so it doesn’t come into contact with harsh detergents and when you are going for a swim. Gold is a soft metal, and chemicals like chlorine can cause it to erode. 

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