If you’re looking for diamond jewellery and want to be sure you get the highest quality possible for your budget, stick to the four Cs rule (carat, colour, clarity, cut) to help you choose. Whether you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring, necklace, bracelet or set of earrings, take some time to find your perfect match.



Carat refers to the weight of the diamond, and there are five carats in one gram. One carat is divided into 100 ‘points’ – therefore a diamond measuring 3/4 carat in weight has 75 points and may also be described as 0.75ct. Generally speaking, the larger the carat count, the more expensive the diamond will be.


Diamonds come in an array of colours, including black, blue, brown, green, pink, purple and red. Red is the rarest colour of diamond and as a result, natural red diamonds are very expensive. 

Some of the highest quality diamonds are completely colourless, though many diamonds have a yellow tinge.


The clarity of a diamond is dependent on several factors, including:

  • small cracks, or feathers, in the diamond
  • small bubbles
  • inclusion of other materials


Colour and cut have the largest impact on the physical appearance of a diamond. If a diamond is well cut, it will produce maximum sparkle, whereas a poorly cut diamond will not reflect the light as well. When buying diamonds, check with your jeweller that they are certified.

It often helps to enlist the help of a professional when searching for quality diamond jewellery. Get in touch with Clayfield Jewellery, a Brisbane-based jewellery store with an on-site diamond grader who can provide pre-purchase advice. 

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