There is a long tradition of giving certain gifts for different anniversaries. From silver and gold to platinum and pearl, a different type of gift is given depending on how many years the couple have been married.

Find out what traditional gifts are given before heading to your local jewellery store to find the perfect present.

History of anniversary gift

The tradition of giving anniversary gifts can be traced back to medieval Europe and quickly grew into a popular custom that is carried out across the globe.

Traditional anniversary gifts vary in materials used, depending on how many years the happy couple has been married.

10th wedding anniversary

10th wedding anniversary gifts are traditionally made from aluminium and tin, however many contemporary 10th anniversary gifts are a piece of diamond jewellery. 

25th wedding anniversary

This is generally considered the first major landmark in wedding anniversaries and whether you want to give a traditional or modern present, silver is the theme you should stick to. Silver wedding anniversaries provide gift givers with plenty of choice, from jewellery to photo frames and everything in between. 

30th wedding anniversary

The 30th wedding anniversary is another landmark and pearl is the gem traditionally associated with this special occasion. Diamond jewellery is another modern alternative.

50th wedding anniversary 

50 years of married life is a major milestone, dubbed the ‘golden anniversary’. Traditional presents are therefore made from gold, giving gift buyers plenty of choice.

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