Your wedding day is all about you, so what better way to complete your look than with statement eyes. Whether you’re a doe-eyed bride, have a classic almond shape or fall somewhere in between, mastering your eye shadow technique will ensure your bridal makeup pops on the big day.


Which Colour is Right for Me?

If you’re a bride looking to recreate a classic romantic look, make use of soft pinks and deep plums. This colour combination looks great on any skin tone and eye shape.

For a look that captures your inner exotic goddess, make use of gold and glitter (although don’t go overboard!). These colours work together to warm your eyes and create an overall alluring look.

Make a statement by using darker colours paired with metallic silvers. Greens, browns and blacks will work together to give you a very dramatic and smoky eye.

Highlight Tone

The highlight shade is applied to the area between your brow bone and eyelid. Ensuring you cover the very inner ‘V’ of your eye, use a shimmery, lighter shade to emphasise the shape of your eyes.

Mid-tone Colour

Using eye shadow to cover the entirety of your eyelid, the mid-tone shade will help give your eyes plenty of definition. Ensure you use a matte colour to contrast your shimmery highlights. Apply this tone starting from the outside crease of your eyelid, sweeping inwards and fading as you go.

Contour Tone

The contour shade appears on the upper and lower lash lines of your eyes. Typically the contour tone is a bolder, matte colour to really make your eyes pop.

Finishing Touches

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