The gorgeous shine of coloured gemstones has been overshadowed by the popularity of white diamonds for more than fifty years, but the trend is set to change. From the recent rise of pink diamonds to the number of celebrities sporting eye-catching coloured jewels, it looks like coloured stones are making a comeback. 


Diamonds Are Forever

The overwhelming popularity of diamonds in the last half a century can be at least partly attributed to talented copywriter Frances Gerety, who was working on the De Beers account for the New York agency N.W. Ayer & Son when she came up with the slogan ‘diamonds are forever.’ Perfectly capturing the durability of the stone itself as well as its connections with the bonds of marriage, Frances sealed the desirability of diamonds forever.

The Return of Colours

Long before diamonds were touted as a girl’s best friend, coloured gemstones were an integral part of high-end jewellery design – and this is a trend that looks set to return. From rubies to sapphires and opals, there’s a growing desire to reintroduce gorgeous, coloured gems into unique pieces.

Colour Confidence

One reason for the renaissance in coloured gems is an increase in consumer confidence that’s allowing buyers to invest in coloured pieces without fear. A lack of regulation and a round of scaremongering TV shows in the late 1990s made buyers wary of everything from emeralds to coral. But the introduction of tighter guidelines regarding the disclosure of treatments gemstones receive (such as oiling or filling) in the early 21st century has turned the tide.

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