Accent or statement earrings are still a fashion fad for ladies who like to complement their outfit with festive and bold jewellery pieces. In this video, watch Vogue Fashion Assistant Grace Fuller as she explains her fascination with accent earrings and why every lady should have a pair in her jewellery box.

An Accent for Everything

Like a gorgeous pair of diamond or pearl studs, accent earrings can be worn with just about any outfit to accentuate your look. Whether you’re aiming for an elegant or edgy look, accent earrings will do the trick. Even a simple outfit of jeans and a sweatshirt can be glamorised with accent earrings. The style choices are endless!

How to Wear Accent Earrings

Although accent earrings can complement any outfit, be wary of over-accessorising with other jewellery pieces when sporting statement earrings. Allow bold earrings to take centre stage by pairing down other jewellery accessories. For example, avoid wearing a chunky statement necklace with accent earrings – one chunky jewellery piece is enough!

If you’re eager to keep the statement look flowing from head to toe, add one chunky bangle or bracelet to your outfit along with your statement necklace. This will add another dimension to your outfit without stealing too much attention away from your star jewellery piece: your accent earrings.