Black diamonds are not as widely found in jewellery stores as the more popular colourless diamonds. They are however growing in popularity and are appealing to those after something a little more unique.

While black diamonds don’t look like a normal diamond, they are technically real diamonds and are categorised as a pure carbon crystal. They do however have a different crystalline structure, which absorbs light rather than reflecting it, meaning they don’t have the same sparkle that other diamonds do.

The real beauty of black diamonds is found in their exclusivity. When almost all people think of diamond engagement rings, they picture a shimmering ‘white’ or ‘colourless’ diamond, or perhaps another fashionable coloured diamond such as yellow or pink. However, black diamonds are not commonly found in diamond engagement ring designs, making them a unique and surprising choice, ideal for a bride-to-be who doesn’t stick with the crowd.

Sex and the City fans aren’t strangers to gorgeous black diamonds. In the final scene of the Sex in the City 2 movie, Big presents Carrie with a unique five-carat black diamond ring by designer Itay Malkin. He tells her ‘because you are not like anyone else.’ As well as the Sex and the City star, other celebrity fans of black diamonds include Carmen Electra, Lauren Conrad and Angelina Jolie.

Black diamonds are usually cheaper than other diamonds, however, the price is rising as the black diamond becomes a more popular and fashionable choice.

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