The word infinity comes from the Latin word infinitas meaning unbounded; limitless. The well-known infinity symbol, which looks like a figure eight on its side, is actually known as a lemniscate and was created in 1655 to represent the concept of infinity in mathematical equations.


Infinite Light

These days, the infinity symbol is most often associated with romantic and philosophical ideas – such as limitless or boundless love – concepts many couples reflect on when beginning their lives together. Infinity rings are used to represent an everlasting love between two people.

Infinity rings incorporate the infinity symbol in their design or take inspiration from the symbols lines and shape. They’re a declaration of endless love in physical form and make an incredibly romantic and heartfelt gift. Infinity diamond rings are often used for diamond engagement rings and wedding rings, however, the infinity symbol can easily be incorporated into any custom-made ring.

Be careful not to confuse infinity rings with eternity bands. Eternity bands are rings that have a consistent design or pattern continuing around the whole band. Eternity bands are often used as wedding rings as they represent the concept of forever, meaning a love that never ends.

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