There are so many pieces of artificial jewellery on the market that look exactly like real diamonds, it is often extremely hard to tell the difference. This clip details some home remedies for those looking to discover whether their diamond rings or earrings are 100 per cent real. Give some of these tips a try:

  • Use a flat piece of newspaper to see if your diamond is real or not; if you can read the wording in the newspaper article through an upside down diamond then it is most definitely a fake.
  • Hold the diamond piece close to your mouth and fog it with your breath, much the same as you would on a window. If the residue from your breath is still present on the surface of the diamond after a few seconds then it is fake.
  • Use a carat or gram scale to weigh your diamond piece; if your piece is constructed from fake materials such as cubic zirconia, it will weigh almost double the amount that a real diamond of the same size would.

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