engagement ring hints
 There are two things every woman wants from a wedding proposal: for the proposal to be a surprise and for the engagement ring to be the ring of her dreams. This can make the task of choosing a ring a little tricky for the partners. Make the job easier on them by dropping some tactful engagement ring hints.  

Try The Magazine Mishap

Seeing as though men are mostly visual creatures, showing your partner a picture of the ring you want is a great way to get the ball rolling. If you would rather not blatantly point out the ring to him, you could try “accidentally” leaving a magazine open to a page with the exact design you love.

Give Him Clues

Men are actually quite good at picking up on clues their partners leave, so make choosing an engagement ring easy for him by hinting at the diamond shape, metal colour and designer you love.

Point It Out

Another subtle way to drop engagement ring hints is to point out rings you’ve seen that you like. If you like the engagement ring a friend is wearing mention it to him; when window shopping point to a ring in a jewellery shop and say something along the lines of, “Oh I just love that”. Remember, men are more in tune to what you’re hinting at than you think.

Design Or Shop For It Together

Designing or shopping for the ring together might not seem all that romantic to some ladies, but is a sure-fire way to get the exact ring that you want. At least the proposal will be a complete surprise.