Although the styles have changed significantly, engagement rings have always been used for the same reason.

Diamonds haven’t always been used in engagement rings, but the significance of such a precious ring was just as prominent back then as it is now. Watch this video for more information on the history of engagement rings.

Diamond engagement rings came to be around 1477, but various other rings made from differing metals had been used in previous centuries. Gemstone rings were popular between the 18th and 19th century. Today, diamond engagement rings are the most seen, but other gem stones are gaining popularity as personal preference is beginning to win over tradition.

As for wedding rings, the custom comes from an ancient Roman tradition of exchanging rings following the signing of a contract. This was used originally only in business, but over time betrothal became a contract that also warranted rings. Today, the wedding ring is standard for both men and women to wear as part of their wedding ceremony and from then onwards.

Diamond Engagement Rings in Brisbane

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