To keep your pearl necklaces, brooches and rings glowing with the full beauty of their natural lustre, it’s important to keep them well maintained. Learn how to carefully clean your pearls so that they shine brilliantly and don’t suffer from any chemical side effects from the wrong cleaning materials.


Cleaning Pearls: Gently Does It

First of all, it’s worth bearing in mind that the oils from your skin can actually enhance the lustre of your pearls, so while you’ll want to clean your pearls if they get dirty, don’t do it too often if you want to continue to see a rich sheen.

You can keep your pearls cleaner for longer by avoiding over exposure to perfumes or scented oils. Because pearls are made of a natural substance, they can be very susceptible to picking up unnatural oils or chemicals that can cause discolouration.

When your pearls do need a clean, make sure you choose a very soft cloth – ask your jeweller if they have any they recommend – and a mild soap. Soaps suitable for babies are great because they are very gentle. Fill a basin with some slightly warm water and add a small amount of soap. Let your pearls soak in the solution for a few minutes then gently buff them with your soft cloth to dry.

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