With memorable appearances on film, in magazines and on the hands of celebrities walking red carpets the world over, there are few stones as effortlessly iconic as diamonds. However, some are famous for very different reasons.



Also known as the “Mountain of Light”, this spectacular Indian diamond was first recorded in a Hindu text way back in 1306. The stone inspired many battles before it was seized by the colonial British rule and given to the Queen of England in 1850. Set in the coronation crown of the late Queen Mother, it is currently on display with the rest of the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.

The Hope Diamond

With a long and mysterious past, the Hope Diamond has passed through the hands of some amazing historical figures. The 45.52-carat jewel was originally bought by King Louis XIV of France in 1668. When the Royal Family was forced to flee during the French Revolution, the diamond fell into the hands of the government, before being stolen. 

Resurfacing in London in 1812, it ended up in the jewellery box of an American heiress. Upon her death, legendary jeweller Harry Winston bought and donated it to the Smithsonian Museum.

The Blue Heart

The Blue Heart received its distinctive cut in Paris, sometime between 1909 and 1910, but its exact origin still remains a mystery. It was purchased by Cartier, which then sold it to an Argentinian woman.

The 30.62-carat stone stayed in her possession for more than four decades before being sold several more times, including to French jewellers Van Cleef & Arpels and Harry Winston. It too was eventually donated to the Smithsonian.

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