Gemstones are a thing of beauty, but make sure you’re not working under false assumptions the next time you’re shopping for one with this list of popular myths trending in the market.


8. Diamonds Are the Rarest Stones

The world actually has a plentiful supply of diamonds, although particularly large or fancy stones are indeed rare.

9. Precious Stones Are worth More than Semi-precious

The term semi-precious can be quite misleading, as some stones, such as garnet, may actually be worth more than precious stones if their quality is high enough.

10. Burma Has the Best Rubies

Burma is well known for its large number of impressive rubies, but that doesn’t mean every stone mined there will be of the highest quality. Stones that are just as good – or sometimes better – are often found elsewhere. 

11. Gems That Fog up Aren’t Real

The theory goes that if you breathe on a real diamond, it won’t fog up and you’ll know it’s genuine. However, there are plenty of other stones with high thermal conductivity – including synthetic diamonds!

12. The Bigger the Diamond the Better It Is

There are several factors that go into determining a diamond’s worth, and size is just one of them. Equally important are colour, clarity, cut quality and shape.

13. Mikimoto Pearls Are the Best

Mikimoto is actually a brand name and not a type of pearl. So while they are often of a high standard, they are not inherently better than other pearls.

14. You Can’t Break a Diamond

Diamonds aren’t as indestructible as many people believe. In fact, a strong enough blow on one of the diamond’s ‘cleavage planes’ can cause it to crack and shatter.

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