When you’re buying a new gem, you want to make sure you get the best quality stone you can. But that’s easier said than done when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, especially if you’re a first time buyer.

Here are some popular myths about gemstones that will help you distinguish between the real and the fake.


1. Cubic Zirconia Is a Man-made Diamond

While cubic zirconia is indeed a man-made gem that shares some similarities in its appearance with a diamond, it is recognised as a completely different stone with a different composition. There are however man-made diamonds made of crystallised carbon.

2. Opals Are Bad Luck

This is a myth that’s been around for many years but it’s nothing more than superstition. There are plenty of contrary myths that claim opal is the luckiest of stones! The funny thing is the Opal is actually Australia’s national gemstone!

3. Keshi Pearls Are All Natural

For a pearl to be natural, it has to be formed completely by chance without human intervention. As Keshi pearls are a by-product of the culturing process they cannot be considered as such.

4. Diamonds with the Most Sparkle Have the Highest Quality

The sparkle in your diamond is created by the cut, which is designed to refract and reflect light. Therefore it is the high colour and clarity you should be looking for when judging quality, not the amount of bling it radiates.

5. Sapphires Are Always Blue

While the word sapphire has become synonymous with blue, it’s actually a stone that is found in a variety of different colours, including  green, pink or on rare occasions, purple

6. Diamonds Are the Only Stone Capable of Cutting Glass

A very popular misconception – and one that is completely unfounded – as many stones are capable of scratching glass, including tourmaline, topaz and garnet.

7. Only Oysters Create Pearls

Oysters are not the only sea creature that’s known to make pearls. The Melo Melo marine snail, the Queen conch Strombus Gigas and the Haliotis Iris all produce pearls.

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