Show off your beautiful engagement ring to its best advantage by always making sure it’s sparkling clean and ready to shine.

But you don’t have to invest in a lot of expensive products to keep your engagement ring looking like new – there are a variety of household products that’ll do the job just as well.

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1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a mild, non-abrasive cleaning agent that’s great for bringing your ring’s sparkle back. It can be used on all kinds of precious stones and metals, so you can be confident it won’t cause any damage to your ring. Simply mix it with a little warm water to create a paste, and then rub it around the stone and setting before rinsing clean.

2. Dishwashing Liquid

Every home has washing up liquid, making this a convenient product to clean your ring. Make a solution of three parts warm water to one part dishwashing liquid and dip a soft bristled toothbrush in. Use the brush to gently scrub your ring clean. If your ring is particularly dirty leave it to soak in the solution overnight.

3. Ammonia

Mix one part ammonia with three parts warm water and place your ring in the solution for three to five minutes. Take the ring out and dry with a lint free cloth. You’ll be able to see a difference immediately.