-Everything that Glitters is Gold

Golden Hoops have made their mark this year and it doesn’t look like they’ll be going anywhere anytime soon! This summer is all about embracing the chunkier versions of the golden hoop. You don’t need to worry about adding other accessories, these golden girls can hold their own when it comes to being a statement piece.


-Rainbow Bling

Summertime showers mean colourful rainbows, so why not add a splash of colour to your accessories too. Some colourful gemstone rings make for the perfect addition. Partner them together for a dynamic statement and a little rainbow on your hands. For a more subtle approach, pair a colourful gemstone with some finer silver or gold rings.

-Bracelets upon Bracelets upon Bracelets

Layering is becoming one of the biggest jewellery trends, whether it’s rings, earrings, or bracelets, the trend works well for when you just can’t decide which one to choose! Bracelets are perfect for layering because they can sit together neatly without looking overcrowded. Create an eclectic look with a variety of styles on one arm. We are seeing lots of golden and silver bangles paired with homemade fabric or beaded bracelets, perfect for going from brunch to classy cocktails.

-Delicate Details

It’s all in the details. If layering and statement pieces aren’t your cup of tea, another big trend for this summer is embracing the delicate side of jewellery. A simple gold bracelet and a fine necklace can be just as much a statement as a bold choice. It’s simply a matter of taste and style. There’s no point in trying a bright and colourful combination of jewellery if you’re not going to feel comfortable. 



Adding a personal touch to jewellery can make it that much more special, whether it’s for yourself or someone else. Knowing that the piece of jewellery you have is uniquely yours is a gift. Personalised jewellery can range from a monogrammed item to something designed from scratch. Here at Clayfield Jewellery, we can work with you to create a custom item.


-Drop of the Ocean- Pearls

Summertime reminds us of the sea and all the beauty it holds especially pearls. These natural beauties are all unique and special. Whether you wear a pearl necklace, ring or earring, pearls are a timeless classic that should be in every jewellery collection, which is why they will always be on a trend list.