Diamonds are the result of a large amount of pressure- 5 gigapascals to be exact, which is why they are formed so deeply beneath the earth’s surface. They also require extreme heat; between 1000℃ and 1300℃, however, if temperatures get to 1400℃ the diamonds will melt. They then need craton to protect them, but to get to the earth’s surface safely, this craton needs to fracture or tear and create a path. Coloured diamonds are developed from stray atoms being trapped in their lattice. It takes a very specific set of events to create a pink diamond, a very specific amount of pressure needs to put onto the molecular structure of the white diamond, this stress then affects the lattice and changes the colour to pink.


The History of the Argyle Mine

In the 70s a large number of diamonds was discovered in the Western Australia site, Mt North Creek, triggering a diamond rush which saw hundreds of hopefuls heading out to the isolated area seeking more diamonds. By 1979 they had found one of the highest concentrations of diamonds to ever be discovered. Argyle began a mine development, which was producing 60 carats of diamonds per tonne within the first few days. It wasn’t long before the mine doubled the entire world’s diamond production. Soon the Argyle Pink Diamond tender began. The first one was held in 1984 and saw 33 stones on offer to connoisseurs, collectors and luxury jewellers from around the world. 


Why invest

Pink diamonds are the rarest diamonds in the world and are highly sought after. 

After 30 years, the Argyle mine is coming to a close; the diamond supply has been exhausted. This will mean that 90% of the world’s production will stop. The already rare, pink diamond is due to become even rarer, making now the perfect time to invest. Over the past 20 years, the value of pink diamonds has increased by 500%, so not only is it the rarest diamond, but it is also the most expensive. People fly from across the globe to view and purchase these rose-hued diamonds and the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender, which is a highly sought after, invitation-only event, sees people willing to purchase the rare diamonds to have in their possession for years to come.