We are well and truly into Spring, which marks the season of fresh starts and shiny jewellery. We often forget that just like our clothes, our jewellery needs to be cleaned! In order to help your jewellery last longer and stay sparkling it’s good to do regular cleaning yourself. However, it’s also great to take your jewellery into a jeweller, we can take care of your jewellery and make it look like new. At Clayfield Jewellery, we have an in-house workshop, so we can repair your jewellery too.


We recommend giving your jewellery a weekly polish with a soft cloth, this will keep them sparkling day to day. Then we say to do a deeper clean every month. This could be done with warm soap and water and a gentle scrub, soft toothbrushes are perfect for this. Whilst metals like gold and silver and hard gems like diamonds are durable and can take regular cleans, some of the softer gems need more care. We recommend bringing these more precious stones into our team at Clayfield Jewellery to give them a thorough and professional clean. 


When it comes to cleaning your jewellery at home, it’s important to remember that these are precious items, so some care needs to be taken when handling them. Dish soap is the strongest cleaning solution you should be using. Avoid anything acidic as these can be damaging to your jewellery. Baking soda and lemon solutions are popular, however, they are too acidic and abrasive.


Many people who bring their jewellery to us for a clean often assume that they don’t have to clean it themselves, however, we strongly recommend that you do clean your jewellery at home to ensure that your items last longer and remain beautiful.