art-deco-vintage-jewellery-collection-(1).jpgArt Deco was an artistic and design movement that first emerged during the 1920s and influenced everything from architecture to clothing. It also had a big impact on the jewellery world and, although its popularity has ebbed and flowed depending on fashion trends throughout the decades, it has remained a key jewellery style for many years.

The Hallmarks of Art Deco Style
Characterised by the use of geometric shapes and interesting patterns, Art Deco was inspired by many different elegances. From the sharp edges used to represent the dawning of a technological age to the intricate designs inspired by the ancient art of Egypt, Greece, Africa and China, it’s an eclectic style that certainly has a strong and recognisable aesthetic.
Getting the Look
Bright colours, bold designs and intricate detailing are just some of the elements to look out for when shopping for Art Deco jewellery. Sunbursts, geometric patterns, zigzags and complex patterns all define the Art Deco period, and it’s not unusual for this style of jewellery to be absolutely encrusted with gemstones. In fact, when Art Deco jewellery first came onto the scene, many manufactures incorporated high-end costume jewellery pieces to ensure it wasn’t only high society who could enjoy wearing Art Deco jewellery.
Pendant earrings, extremely long necklaces twisted around the neck multiple times, thick cuffs and bracelets, and flashy cocktail rings were also on trend during the reign of Art Deco jewellery.

Jewellery in Brisbane
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